Matte Surface Ceramic Beads 700-900HV for Blasting

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou
Brand Name: Zhengtong
Model Number: B20-B505, Z150-Z850
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Detail Information

Hardness: 700-900HV Color: Milky White
Density: 3.85g/cm³ Application: Metal Surface Sand Blasting
Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm³ Commodity: Ceramic Beads
Size: B20-B505 Finish: Matte Surface

Product Description

Product Description:

Ceramic Bead Blasting is an efficient and effective way to achieve a matte surface finish. This process uses ceramic shot peening, also known as Ceramic_Media_Blasting, to blast away impurities and achieve a smooth surface. Our Ceramic Bead Blasting products come in a wide range of sizes, from B20 to B505. With a density of 3.85g/cm³ and a bulk density of 2.3g/cm³, these ceramic beads are incredibly hard, ranging between 700-900HV. This makes them an ideal choice for Ceramic shot peening and other surface-finishing processes. Ceramic Bead Blasting is an excellent choice for achieving a matte surface finish.


  • Product Name: Ceramic Bead Blasting
  • Application: Metal Surface Sand Blasting
  • Density: 3.85g/cm³
  • Size: B20-B505
  • Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm³
  • Hardness: 700-900HV
  • Ceramic sandblasting media: Ceramic Bead Blasting & Ceramic Shot Blasting

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Density 3.85g/cm³
Size B20-B505
Commodity Ceramic Beads
Finish Matte Surface
Color Milky White
Hardness 700-900HV
Application Metal Surface Sand Blasting
Bulk Density 2.3g/cm³
Specialization Ceramic shot peening, Ceramic_Media_Blasting, Ceramic sandblasting media


Ceramic bead blasting is a metal surface sand blasting process that uses Zhengtong ceramic shot peening beads, model numbers B20-B505 and Z150-Z850. The ceramic beads are milky white in color, with a bulk density of 2.3g/cm³ and a density of 3.85g/cm³. It is an effective and efficient way to clean and smooth metal surfaces. The ceramic beads are propelled at high speeds to remove surface contaminants and burrs, while leaving the surface smooth and clean. It is also used to create a textured finish on the surface, which can add a unique look and feel to the metal surface. Ceramic bead blasting is an ideal choice for applications that require a high degree of precision, as it is capable of producing a consistent finish with minimal waste. The process is also environmentally friendly, as it does not generate any hazardous waste.

Ceramic bead blasting is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and performance of metal surfaces. It can be used to remove build-up of rust, paint, and other contaminants while creating a uniform finish. The process is also capable of creating a variety of textures, from a matte finish to a reflective surface. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require a decorative or protective finish. It is also commonly used in automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, as it can provide a reliable and durable finish.

Zhengtong ceramic shot peening beads are the perfect choice for any ceramic bead blasting application. Their high quality and reliable performance make them the preferred choice for many metal surface sand blasting projects. With its superior performance and reliability, Zhengtong ceramic shot peening beads are the perfect solution for any metal surface sand blasting project.

Support and Services:

Ceramic Bead Blasting Technical Support & Service

Ceramic bead blasting is an affordable and effective way to clean and prepare metal surfaces. It is especially useful for removing rust and paint from metal components. The process involves propelling ceramic beads of various sizes at a high velocity against a metal surface in order to remove any existing coatings. This process is also effective for polishing and deburring metal surfaces.

At ABC Company, we provide technical support and service for ceramic bead blasting. Our team of experienced technicians can help you determine the best ceramic bead size and blasting pressure for your particular application. We also offer training and consultation services to help you get the most out of your ceramic bead blasting process.

If you have any questions about ceramic bead blasting or need assistance with a project, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always available to help.

Packing and Shipping:

Ceramic Bead Blasting Packaging and Shipping:

Ceramic bead blasting products are typically packaged in sealed containers to prevent contamination. The containers must be clearly labeled with the product name and application instructions. Containers should be placed on a pallet for safe shipping. The pallet should be secured with shrink wrap or other appropriate wrapping material. A shipping label should be placed on the pallet that includes the product name, weight, and destination.


Q&A on Ceramic Bead Blasting

Q1: What is the brand name of Ceramic Bead Blasting?
A1: The brand name of Ceramic Bead Blasting is Zhengtong.

Q2: What are the model numbers of Ceramic Bead Blasting?
A2: The model numbers of Ceramic Bead Blasting are B20-B505 and Z150-Z850.

Q3: Where is the place of origin of Ceramic Bead Blasting?
A3: The place of origin of Ceramic Bead Blasting is Zhengzhou.

Q4: What is the material of Ceramic Bead Blasting?
A4: The material of Ceramic Bead Blasting is ceramic.

Q5: What is the purpose of Ceramic Bead Blasting?
A5: The purpose of Ceramic Bead Blasting is to create a smooth and reflective surface finish on metal surfaces.

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