• H42 H35 H20 Hollow Glass Microspheres As Additive In Thermal Insulation Paints
H42 H35 H20 Hollow Glass Microspheres As Additive In Thermal Insulation Paints

H42 H35 H20 Hollow Glass Microspheres As Additive In Thermal Insulation Paints

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
Brand Name: Zhengtong
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number: H20-H60

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 100kgs
Price: by negotiation
Packaging Details: Paper cartons+Pallet, paper bags+Pallet
Delivery Time: 3-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, PayPal, X Transfer
Supply Ability: 5000mt per year
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Detail Information

Commodity Name: Hollow Glass Microspheres Color: White
Model: H20-H60 Specific Density: 0.2-0.6 G/cm3
Compressive Strength: 4-125 Mpa/500-18000 Psi Application: Reflective Thermal Insulation Coating, Oilfield Cementing Mud/ Drilling Fluid, Solid Floating Materials, Epoxy Tooling Board, SMC/BMC, 5G Board Modified Plastic. Ect.
Size: 10-120μm Composition: Soda Lime Borosilicate
High Light:

H35 White Hollow Glass Microspheres


Soda lime borosilicate Hollow Glass Microspheres


Hollow Glass Microspheres 0.6 g/cm3

Product Description

Hollow glass microspheres H42, H35, H20 as an additive in thermal insulation paints


Description of hollow glass microspheres:

Hollow glass microspheres are hollow, small and round spherical powders containing inert gas. As a new type of filler, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good fluidity, heat insulation and corrosion resistance, etc. It is used in lightweight composite materials, coatings, aerospace, deep sea cementing, electrical insulation materials, thermal insulation materials, military explosives It has a wide range of application prospects in such fields as "space materials".


Specification of hollow glass microspheres:


Types True Density
Bulk Density
Strength (Mpa/PSI)
Particle size Application
D50 (μm) D90 (μm)
H20 0.20-0.22 0.10-0.12 4/500 65 110 Epoxy Tooling board, Floating material,Emulsion explosive, Car repair putty, Paints
H22 0.21-0.24 0.11-0.13 5/750 65 100 Epoxy Tooling board, Paints
H25 0.24-0.27 0.13-0.15 5/750 65 100 Paints, Sealants, Buoyancy materials
H28 0.27-0.30 0.14-0.17 10/1500 55 85 Cementing slurry and Drilling fluids
H30 0.29-0.32 0.15-0.18 10/1500 55 85 Thermal-insulation paints.Buoyancy materials
H32 0.31-0.33 0.17-0.19 14/2000 45 80 Paints,SMC/BMC, Sealants, Putty
H35 0.33-0.37 0.18-0.21 21/3000 40 70 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids
H38 0.37-0.39 0.19-0.22 38/5500 40 65 Paints,SMC/BMC, PVC Plastisils,
Buoyancy materials
H40 0.39-0.42 0.19-0.23 28/4000 40 70 Cementing slurry, Drilling fluids, Paints
H42 0.41-0.44 0.21-0.24 55/8000 40 60 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids
H46 0.44-0.48 0.23-0.26 41/6000 40 70 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids,
H50 0.48-0.52 0.25-0.27 55/8000 40 60 Cementing slurry& drilling fluids
H55 0.53-0.57 0.27-0.29 69/10000 40 60 Cementing slurry & drilling fluids
H60 0.58-0.62 0.29-0.34 83/12000 40 65 Cementing slurry & drilling fluids



Application of hollow glass microspheres


Hollow glass microspheres are often used as additives in paints and coatings to change and improve the performance of traditional coatings and reduce costs.

Because hollow glass beads have the characteristics of insulation, flame retardant, high and low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, heat preservation, self-lubrication and good fluidity, large specific surface area and small particle size.

Therefore, it is widely used in various high-temperature insulating paints, high wear-resistant anti-corrosion paints, advanced furniture paints, ship rust anti-corrosion paints, automotive advanced paints, exterior paints for various machinery and equipment, interior and exterior wall coatings for buildings and various thermal insulation coatings. Marine anti-corrosion coatings and fire retardant coatings. 


Why choose hollow glass microspheres for coating and paints?


1) Reduce the weight of the coatings and paints

Hollow Glass Microspheres density is only 0.10-0.62g/cm3.

2) Low thermal conductivity

Coating/Painting added 10% Hollow glass microspheres, it can create 25-40°C temperature difference. 

3) Good economy

Compared with other fillers, hollow glass microspheres have the smallest surface area to volume ratio and low oil absorption rate, which can reduce the amount of matrix resin and reduce costs. At the same time, hollow glass beads of the same weight occupy more volume, further reducing the cost. It also reduces VOC.

Improve the thermal insulation properties of the coating and paints

Hollow glass microspheres have low thermal conductivity and high thermal reflectivity due to

their hollowness, which can effectively reduce radiative heat transfer and transfer heat, and

play the role of thermal insulation.

4) Reduce the shrinkage, warpage and impact of the product.

Because of its hollow structure, the hollow glass microspheres will absorb and digest the

impact strength when it is impacted, so that the impact resistance of the paint film is

improved. At the same time, it is isotropic, reducing the shrinkage of the paint film,

improving the crack resistance and heat insulation performance, and also protecting the

paint film from thermal shock caused by the alternation of rapid heating and rapid cooling.

5) Adjust the viscosity of the coating system

Hollow glass microspheres has a smooth surface, low porosity between different particle sizes, low viscosity and good fluidity, which can adjust the viscosity of the coating and improve the fluidity of the coating.


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