• H20 Hollow Glass Microsphere Lightweight Multifunctional Additives
H20 Hollow Glass Microsphere Lightweight Multifunctional Additives

H20 Hollow Glass Microsphere Lightweight Multifunctional Additives

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Zhengzhou, China
Brand Name: Zhengtong
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number: H20-H60

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100kgs
Price: by negotiation
Packaging Details: Paper cartons+Pallet, paper bags+Pallet
Delivery Time: 3-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, PayPal, X Transfer
Supply Ability: 5000mt per year
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Detail Information

Commodity Name: Hollow Glass Microspheres Color: White
Model: H20-H60 Specific Density: 0.2-0.6 G/cm3
Compressive Strength: 4-125 Mpa/500-18000 Psi Application: Reflective Thermal Insulation Coating, Oilfield Cementing Mud/ Drilling Fluid, Solid Floating Materials, Epoxy Tooling Board, SMC/BMC, 5G Board Modified Plastic. Ect.
Size: 10-120μm Composition: Soda Lime Borosilicate
High Light:

Lightweight Hollow Glass Microsphere


Hollow Glass Microsphere H20


Hollow Glass Microsphere Multifunctional Additives

Product Description

The lightweight multifunctional additives of hollow glass microsphere H20


Description of hollow glass microspheres:


Hollow glass microspheres is pure white powders, which is hollow and transparent spheres under the microscope, and contains thin air inside. The main component is borosilicate. It is an inorganic non-metallic material.

Due to its hollow characteristics, compared with ordinary glass beads, it has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, high dispersion, good electrical insulation and thermal stability. It is a new lightweight material with a wide range of uses and excellent performance.

Widely used as an additive in Drilling fluid, Cementing slurry in petroleum exploration, Thermal Insulation Coating, Adhesives, Modified plastics in Lightweight transportation , Low dielectric engineering plastics, copper clad laminates for printed circuit boards in 5G communication, Rubber-plastic elastomer, Marine anticorrosion and solid buoyancy materials, etc.


Specification of hollow glass microspheres:


Types True Density
Bulk Density
Strength (Mpa/PSI)
Particle size Application
D50 (μm) D90 (μm)
H20 0.20-0.22 0.10-0.12 4/500 65 110 Epoxy Tooling board, Floating material,Emulsion explosive, Car repair putty, Paints
H22 0.21-0.24 0.11-0.13 5/750 65 100 Epoxy Tooling board, Paints
H25 0.24-0.27 0.13-0.15 5/750 65 100 Paints, Sealants, Buoyancy materials
H28 0.27-0.30 0.14-0.17 10/1500 55 85 Cementing slurry and Drilling fluids
H30 0.29-0.32 0.15-0.18 10/1500 55 85 Thermal-insulation paints.Buoyancy materials
H32 0.31-0.33 0.17-0.19 14/2000 45 80 Paints,SMC/BMC, Sealants, Putty
H35 0.33-0.37 0.18-0.21 21/3000 40 70 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids
H38 0.37-0.39 0.19-0.22 38/5500 40 65 Paints,SMC/BMC, PVC Plastisils,
Buoyancy materials
H40 0.39-0.42 0.19-0.23 28/4000 40 70 Cementing slurry, Drilling fluids, Paints
H42 0.41-0.44 0.21-0.24 55/8000 40 60 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids
H46 0.44-0.48 0.23-0.26 41/6000 40 70 Cementing slurry & Drilling fluids,
H50 0.48-0.52 0.25-0.27 55/8000 40 60 Cementing slurry& drilling fluids
H55 0.53-0.57 0.27-0.29 69/10000 40 60 Cementing slurry & drilling fluids
H60 0.58-0.62 0.29-0.34 83/12000 40 65 Cementing slurry & drilling fluids


Properties of hollow glass microspheres:



1. Good economy


Compared with fillers of other shapes, hollow glass beads have a small surface area to volume ratio and low oil absorption, which can reduce the amount of matrix resin and increase the amount of fillers. At the same time, glass beads with a smaller volume can be filled into larger gaps of glass beads, increasing the total filling amount, further reducing the amount of resin, and reducing the cost. Lightweight glass hollow microspheres can occupy more volume than ordinary fillers of the same weight. This means that hollow glass microspheres have more cost advantages when considering unit volume cost rather than unit weight cost.


2. Reduce viscosity and increase fluidity


The appearance of hollow glass microspheres is spherical. Compared with other irregular-shaped fillers, it is easier to flow and can roll like steel balls in a bearing. Therefore, adding hollow glass microspheres to the composite material can reduce the melt viscosity and The internal stress makes the processing and forming easier, which is conducive to the conventional forming of composite materials.


3. Reduce material density


Generally, fillers have a relatively high density and are added to plastics and rubbers as extenders. Although they can achieve the purpose of reducing costs, they tend to increase the density of the products and affect the performance and use of the products. Because hollow glass beads are hollow products, especially floating beads, the density is very small, about 0.40 ~ 0.75 g/cm3. Now some products, such as some hollow glass beads of 3M company, have a lower density, which can reach 0.125~0.16. g/cm3 level. Adding such low-density fillers to plastics can not only reduce costs, but also make products lighter.



Application of hollow glass microspheres


1. Low density drilling fluid and cementing Slurry

Hollow glass microspheres is widely used in deep oil wells to keep the constant stability of the density of drilling fluids; It can reduce friction during drilling process, extend the service life of drill pipes and drill bits, and greatly improve drilling effect as well as drilling performance;

2. Thermal insulation coatings and marine anti-corrosion coatings

The hollow glass microspheres can be directly added to the coating system in the form of filler. As a coating filler, it also has the following advantages: efficient filling, low oil absorption, low density, adding 5% (weight percentage) can increase the finished product by 25% to 35% (volume or coating area percentage), Thereby reducing the unit volume cost of the coating.

Hollow glass microspheres are closed hollow spheres, which are added into the coating to form many microscopic independent thermal insulation cavities. The chemically inert surface of the microspheres is resistant to chemical corrosion. When the film is formed, the particles of the glass microspheres are closely arranged to form a low porosity, so that the coating surface forms a protective film that has a blocking effect on moisture and corrosive ions, which plays a good role in protection

3. Modified plastics

Hollow glass microspheres for filling of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene materials

The tensile strength, impact strength, hardness and other mechanical properties of nylon with hollow glass microspheres are improved, and it can prevent material aging caused by light and heat.

Filling rigid PVC with hollow glass microspheres to produce profiles, pipes and sheets can make the material have good dimensional stability, improve rigidity and heat-resistant temperature, and improve production efficiency; filling with ABS can improve the dimensional stability of the material , reduce shrinkage, increase compressive strength and flexural modulus, and improve surface paint performance.

Hollow glass beads are widely used in lightweight vehicles, such as car dashboards, car door trims, car door guards, car bumpers, passenger car seats, and engine covers.

4. Adhesive

The common adhesive filler, heavy calcium carbonate, has a density of 2.8g/ml, and the density of hollow glass beads is very low. Only a small amount of mass (1%-2% by mass) can be added to reduce the cost. Hollow glass microspheres are used as adhesive additives, which can improve the chemical resistance of adhesives, reduce shrinkage and warpage, reduce resin consumption, and reduce VOC.

5. Emulsion Explosives

The introduction of hollow glass microspheres in the emulsion explosive overcomes the above shortcomings, greatly improves the detonation performance of the explosive and significantly improves the storage stability. Its main feature is the use of the sensitization effect of hollow glass microspheres. It can significantly improve the detonation performance of emulsion explosives and prolong the storage period.

6. Marine solid buoyancy materials

The density of hollow glass microspheres can be adjusted to better. adjust the specific gravity of buoyant materials, the volume filling rate is higher, and the water absorption rate is reduced. Commonly used marine solid buoyancy materials, such as offshore platforms, offshore oil pipeline systems: oil transportation, exploration pipelines, deep sea carrying equipment, underwater engineering testing instruments, etc.



1. Who We are?
Zhengzhou Zhengtong Abrasive Import&Export Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech company with production base in Zhengzhou, specializing in research, production and export of Ceramic beads, Glass  Beads and Hollow Glass Microspheres.
2. How to Guarantee Quality?
Pre-production sample before mass production;
Inspection Report available for each shipment before loading;
3.How to get a sample?
We can provide samples before you place order. Sample is for free within 1 kgs, but shipping costs on you.
4. Why choose us?

a Leading manufacturing technology

Adopting the high temperature solid phase process route, after more than ten years of independent research and development, it has obtained a number of core invention patents.

b. Customized product supply

With technical advantages, we can provide customers with customized products to meet their individual requirements for particle size, density, strength, surface coating, etc. of microspheres.

c. Innovative application process solutions

The hollow microspheres material engineering technology research center has more than 60 scientific researchers, specializing in the development of the application of hollow glass microspheres in various industries, and provides customers with a full range of technical support and application solutions in formula design, processing technology and other links.

d.Perfect quality assurance system

With an annual output of 15,000 tons of hollow glass microspheres, a complete quality control and assurance system has been established, and ISO quality management standards have been strictly implemented.

5. Any OEM or ODM service of Hollow Glass Microspheres?
Yes, we can produce according to your requirements.

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