No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanxi,China
Brand Name: FUDA
Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001
Model Number: B20,B30,B40,B60,B80,B100,B120,B150,B170,B205,B400
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100KGS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 2*12.5kg drum+Carton Box+pallet,25kg drum+pallet
Delivery Time: 3-10 days depending on the order quantity
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200mt per month

Detail Information

Product Name: Zirconia Ceramic Beads Usage: Deburr For Medical Instrument
Advantage: No Hidden Silicosis Danger Service Life: 20-30 Times Longer Than The Glass Beads
Vicker Hardness: 700 HV Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm3
High Light:

abrasive media blasting


ceramic cleaning media

Product Description

No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument


1. Description of  Ceramic  Blasting  Bead Zirconia Sand

Zirconium Ceramic Bead Blasting is obtained mainly from high quality Zirconium sand, melting

and blending under high temperature over 2000°C,then made into different round particle size

through screening and inspection, packing process.

It is especially suitable for blasting media in the production process of metal parts and peen

forming of light alloy components such as aluminium alloy and titanium alloy etc.


2. Main Technical Index of  Ceramic Blasting Bead  Zirconia Sand


Commodity Main Chemical Index Main Physical Index

Ceramic Blasting Bead

(Melting Method)

ZrO2 60-66% Bulk Density: 2.3g/cm3
SiO2 25-30% True Specific Gravity: 3.85 g/cm3
Al2O3 7-13%

Vickers Hardness: 700 kg /mm2


Particle Size
B20: 0.600-0.850mm B100: 0.125-0.180mm
B30: 0.425-0.600mm B120: 0.063-0.125mm
B40: 0.250-0.425mm B170: 0.045-0.090mm
B60: 0.125-0.250mm B205: 0.000-0.063mm
B80: 0.180-0.250mm B400: 0.030-0.063mm
Remark: Special specification can be customized


3. Main Product Features of Ceramic Blasting Bead Zirconia Sand


Zirconium  Ceramic  Bead  has special density,which is higher than the one of glass beads

and lower than the one of steel shot, thenit is able to be properly filled the upper and lower limits of

the hitting strength of glass beads and steel shot in the blasting intensity Interval;


Zirconium Ceramic Bead has light weight and high hardness, when a large number of projectiles

are sprayed onto the treatment surface,then it will be formed one strong plastic deformation on the

treatment suface and finally occurs a certain thickness of clod hardened layer,also called the surface

strengthening layer to improve the fatigue strength of treatment under high temperature and high



The ceramic beads has no ferrous pollution to the treatment,its white color and round shape also

offers no pollution to the treatment surface in the blasting process;


Its round shape, high hardness and low abrasion rate also make it little brokedown in blasting process,

which is able to ensure the consistency of the surface blasting effect in mass production;


There is no dust and hidden dangers of silicosis to the worker’s body,so it is one clean and environmental

friendly blasting media;


Good sphericity and smooth surface offers little damage to the blasting equipment, various particle size

meet all kinds of blasting equipment and demands.


4. Main Application of  Ceramic Blasting Bead Zirconia Sand

In the military field:

it is usually used for surface strengthening of precision casting parts such as aircraft turbine blades , ordnance, and various spring gear hydraulic parts to eliminate the internal stress.

No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting  B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument 0

In the civil field:

It is widely used for surface cleaning of various metal products such as aluminium alloy,titanium alloy and stainless steel  parts (stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils), textile machinery parts, punching and forging tools, machine tools, medical equipment, etc.

It is also used for finishing and surface pretreatment to remove the scale, rust, burrs etc..

And clean various industrial tools such as glass processing, tire manufacturing and plastic molding.

No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting  B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument 1

5. Applicable Equipment

Manual Sandblasting machine;


Automatic Blasting Machine;


Open Blasting Machine;


Sandblasting room.


6. Product Package:


2*12.5kg drum+carton box+ pallet

25kg drum+pallet

Special packages can be customized.

No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting  B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument 2No Dust Ceramic Bead Blasting  B120 Zirconia Sand for Deburring Medical Instrument 3


7.  FAQ

Are you direct Manufacturer of Zirconia Ceramic Beads ?

Yes,we are professional manufacturer,equipped with the most advanced production line and testing



Are you able to provide free samples?

Yes, few quantity free sample is avialable.


Could you please name your some clients?

Yes, our clients includes Foxconn, Samsung Electronics etc.


If you have any other questions,please contact me freely.


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