The Comparation between Ceramic Bead Blasting and Glass Bead Blasting

June 19, 2019

Latest company news about The Comparation  between Ceramic Bead Blasting  and Glass Bead Blasting

Ceramic bead is one abrasive in solid round ball,which contains 62-66% ZrO2 ,so it has the characteristics of high hardness and good elasticity and impact resistance.

Ceramic beads and glass beads both has the round solid shape and no ferrous containmation to the treated workpieces,while ceramic beads has some outstanding advantages than the one of glass bead,details as below:


1. Longer Service Life

The service life of ceramic bead is more than 20 times than the one of glass bead.


2. Higher Blasting Efficiency

The Modulus of elasticity of ceramic bead is 330Gpa,which is higher than the one of Glass Bead(60Gpa), so ceramic bead is not easy to be broken down in the blasting process,even the broken one will still maintain the original shape, people also do not need to refuel the beads frequently, improving the blasting efficiency and finally ensuring the high consistency of blasting effecet.


3. Lower Surface Roughness

The surface roughness treated by ceramic beads is lower than the one of glass bead, it will greatly reduce the molding-repair time and blasting working time.


4. Lower Energy Consumption

Ceramic Bead has higher density and modulus of elasticity than the one of glass bead, which will generate larger impact energy.Then compared with the one of glass bead, if achieve the same blasting effect,ceramic bead will need a lower blasting pressure and little energy consumption,then finally reduce the production cost.


5. Good Blasting Sight

Ceramic bead will generate a little dust in blasting process,it will provide a better blasting sight and no hidden dangers of silicosis.


Therefore,ceramic bead blasting media can replace glass bead in some applications where requires a clean working condition and high blasting efficiency.


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