Bead Consumption Contrast Between Ceramic Beads and Glass Beads

April 1, 2020

Latest company news about Bead Consumption Contrast Between Ceramic Beads  and Glass Beads

Ceramic Beads  has low bead consumption compared with glass beads,it is able to replace glass beads in many

applications where one clean working condition and high efficiency blasting is required.


Here we list one simple consumption contrast between Ceramic Beads & Glass Beads as below:

For the same Treated Parts Blasting Media Month Consumption Solid Waste Q'ty Total cost
Die-cast aluminum parts Glass Beads 60# 7.0mts large quantity High
Ceramic Beads B60 0.1mt Small quantity Low



It is one true testing result from our client,obviously ceramic beads has lower bead consumption,it not only reduces

the blasting cost and disposal cost of solid waste greatly,but also provides one clean working condition for the operators.


When Using Ceramic Beads for the first time,Please kindly open 1/3 to 1/2 vest of dust collector when using ceramic

bead for the first time,because ceramic beads need the wind to be recycled. This is different from glass beads, when

using galss beads,the vest of dust collector is sealed completely.


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