2018 Abrasives Industry Major Events Year-End Inventory

January 17, 2019

Latest company news about 2018 Abrasives Industry Major Events Year-End Inventory

2018 Abrasives Industry Major Events Year-End Inventory

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Abstract In 2018, the abrasives (general abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard materials and products) industry has become one of the most "injured" industries this year, with environmental factors, market, trade. The battle and other aspects of the test have made the abrasives industry go through the pace...

In 2018, the abrasives (general abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard materials and products) industry has become one of the most "injured" industries this year due to a combination of factors, from environmental protection, market, trade warfare. The test of the other aspects has made the abrasives industry a difficult year, and the abrasives as a basic industry maintains a strong vitality due to its own characteristics.

At the end of 2018, we will review the past and look forward to the future with the way of year-end inventory.


Environmental protection, pressure, industry development under pressure


In 2018, affected by the strict environmental protection policies such as “Blue Sky Defence War”, the abrasives industry experienced a new round of tests and challenges. The national environmental protection supervision and pollution prevention and control battles have further started. The Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, Yichuan brown corundum production areas in Henan, the diamond tool production areas in Yanzhou Town of Ezhou, and the main production areas in the northwestern silicon carbide production areas have been taken care of. Since the company was forced to shut down due to non-compliance, this also caused a certain increase in the price of industrial products.


Ceramic microcrystalline abrasives were selected as key support projects for the 2018 Jinan Science and Technology Development Plan Guide


On January 12, Jinan Science and Technology Bureau issued the "Guide to the Compilation of Jinan Science and Technology Development Plan in 2018". Alumina microcrystalline ceramic abrasives are supported as key projects in the field of new materials.

Industrial product production license "One enterprise, one license" reform program implementation

Starting from January 15, 2018, the implementation of the "one enterprise, one license" reform of industrial product production licenses nationwide. This reform will benefit the grinding wheel manufacturers. With a single application and one approval, a company can receive a license that includes multiple product categories. This policy has led to a significant increase in administrative efficiency, a significant reduction in approval time, and a simplification of procedures, which has saved the company a large amount of labor costs and certification fees.

China's grinding tools and Chengli Abrasives were listed on the Wuhan Equity Custody Exchange Center

On the morning of January 23, the “Tongcheng County Economic Growth Sector” was launched in Wuhan Equity Custody Trading Center. Hubei Tongjia Abrasives Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei Chengli Abrasives Co., Ltd. and other 11 Tongcheng enterprises collectively sounded the Golden Bell. Open the market.


Superhard materials and products strategy consultation meeting held in Zhengzhou


On the morning of January 31, the strategic consultation meeting of the self-organized industrial clusters (superhard materials and products, silicon materials and photovoltaics) organized by Zhengzhou and Luoyang was successfully held in the conference room on the 2nd floor of Jinshen Hotel. Super-hard companies such as Huajing, Jinhaiwei and Fu Nike participated in the meeting. At the meeting, Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. on the research and application of large single crystal diamond preparation technology and engineering application, Zhengzhou Jinhaiwei Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. on the key technology and engineering application research project of superhard material product automation production line, Fu Nike Chao Hard Materials Co., Ltd. on high-end composite superhard material preparation technology and engineering application research topics, Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute Co., Ltd. on LED and semiconductor industry precision superabrasives preparation technology and engineering research topics, Tes Photovoltaic Power (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. reported to the experts present on the development and industrialization of the diamond cutting technology.


Guanyi grinding low-temperature fusion ceramic bond grinding wheel international cooperation special success passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology


On February 12, 2018, the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a letter informing that Guanyi Grinding "Consolidation Abrasives International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" was recognized as a national international science and technology cooperation base (demonstration type). Guanyi Grinding is the only demonstration international technology cooperation base in Jiangxi Province and even in the industry. On September 3, the national international science and technology cooperation project “Research and Development of Low Temperature Firing Ceramic Bonding Grinding Wheel Industrialization Technology” (Project No. 2015DF152960) undertaken by Guanyi Grinding passed the acceptance of the Expert Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Element Sixth Global Industry New Materials Technology Application Seminar Held in Wuxi

On March 21st, Element Six's first global industry new material technology application seminar was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel Wuxi, Jiangsu. Element Six demonstrated the functionality of synthetic diamonds and other products to more than 200 existing customers, potential customers and end users through this event. At the meeting, Element Six released a new generation of PureCutTM PCBN products and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) – CTB004 products.


The 4th China Superhard Materials Industry Development Forum and 2018 China Diamond Wire Cutting Industry Chain Seminar Held in Zhengzhou


From March 22 to 24, the 4th China Superhard Materials Industry Development Forum and the 2018 China Diamond Wire Cutting Industry Chain Seminar Forum were held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum takes the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the new diamond wire saw as the blueprint, and integrates diamond synthesis, wire saw manufacturing, quality inspection, new technology application, etc., and nearly 500 senior experts from the field of super-hard materials, representatives from industry, academia and research, and representatives from enterprises .

In the same period, the 2018 China Diamond Wire Cutting Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting many diamond wire cutting industry chains, super-hard materials and tool enterprises to participate in the exhibition; in addition, "Henan Province Superhard Materials Discipline and Industry Development Report" was on the forum. The release shows how the Henan super-hard materials industry can further develop its advantages and grow into the “super-hard” industry in China's manufacturing industry.


Henan Yeda New Material Technology Co. Ltd listed on New OTC Market


On March 26, the opening ceremony of Henan Yida New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research, development, production and sales of flexible wear-resistant materials (black corundum), was successfully held in the “National Small and Medium Enterprise Share Transfer System” in Beijing Jinyang Building. The stock code is (872689).

Jiangsu Province Grinding Wheel Product Quality Improvement Work Conference Held in Taizhou

On May 3, the Jiangsu Provincial Grinding Wheel Product Quality Improvement Work Conference was held in Taizhou. More than 100 people from Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau, responsible persons of relevant quality supervision bureaus and responsible persons of Jiangsu grinding wheel production enterprises attended the meeting. The main contents of the meeting are as follows: 1. The quality of grinding wheel products is improved and mobilized; 2. The Jiangsu Provincial Abrasives Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has signed a strategic agreement with the National Abrasives Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center; 3. Jiangsu Province Grinding Wheel Product License Renewal Policy publicity; 4, explain the process and precautions of the production license online application; 5, grinding wheel product quality analysis report. The meeting further strengthened the supervision and management of Jiangsu grinding wheel production enterprises, and played a positive role in improving the effectiveness of production licenses, enhancing the awareness of product quality, and promoting the continuous improvement of product quality.


The first domestic grinding big data platform project started


On May 7, the launching ceremony of the "Drilling Power and Energy Consumption Intelligent Monitoring and Big Data Expert Decision System" (2018GGX103008) was held at Shandong University of Technology. The project is a “Shandong Key Research and Development Program”, which consists of Shandong University of Technology, Shandong Luxin High-tech Industry Co., Ltd. and Shandong Luxin Sisha Taishan Abrasives Co., Ltd. Strong combination and school-enterprise cooperation have laid a solid resource foundation for equipment research and development. This project will fill the gap in China's grinding big data platform.


The resale event of the Yellow River Cyclone subsidiary was seen in the cloud


In April, the resale of the factor company of Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd., one of the leading domestic superhard materials companies, was inquired and was pushed to the forefront. On May 11th, with the formal review of the board of directors and the cancellation of the transfer of the equity transfer of Shanghai Mingshang, the two sides shook hands and said that the return of the Yellow River Cyclone subsidiary came to an end. Some market participants said that in fact, the Yellow River whirlwind and the Shanghai Ming smith did not reach the degree of irreconcilable contradictions. The stock transfer that has received much attention is largely due to the detailed communication problems in the annual report audit. In recent years, the country's economic development has entered a new normal. Under the background that China's superhard materials and products industry is facing new development opportunities and challenges, the Yellow River whirlwind is on the rise, actively improving the industrial chain, and constantly exploring new sales. The model maintains a steady growth in the business of superhard materials.


531 Photovoltaic New Deal Diamond wire saw industry fell off the cliff


In 2017, as the diamond wire was fully applied in the field of photovoltaic polysilicon cutting, the diamond wire saw market broke out. However, the fiery market began to experience cold after the solar "531 New Deal" in 2018. After the "531 New Deal", the cold wave of the photovoltaic industry began to spurt and the winds of production stopped and closed down. The demand for the diamond wire saw market shrank sharply, and the output and prices suffered a cliff-like decline.

The special report conference on the transformation and upgrading of abrasive abrasive industry in Weinan County was held

On June 8, Tongnan County held a special report meeting on the transformation and upgrading of abrasives and abrasives industry. More than 200 people participated in the party and government team members of Dadian Town, the grid managers, the grid staff, and the person in charge of environmental protection in the town. At the meeting, the Dadian Town Government and Henan University of Technology signed the "Cooperation Agreement on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrade of Abrasives and Abrasives Enterprises".

Broken arm survival, Yi Chengxin can transfer crystal wafer cutting business

On June 25, Yicheng Xinneng (300080.SZ) announced that the company transferred its assets related to the cutting wafer business of the wafer to China Pingmei Shenma Group. Specifically, it includes: 100% equity of Yicheng New Materials and 100% equity of new road signs. After negotiation between the two parties, the consideration for this transaction was 1,556,492,200 yuan.


De Beers enters the synthetic diamond industry


In May of this year, De Beers, the world's largest diamond manufacturer, announced that it will launch a new company, the fashion jewellery company Lightbox Jewelry, which sells synthetic diamonds, breaking the company's tradition of only doing natural diamond business for nearly a hundred years. In July, near the Portland, Oregon, De Beers subsidiary Element Six invested $94 million in the construction of a synthetic diamond factory. The synthetic diamonds produced at the plant will be applied to the company's new brand, Lightbox Jewelry.

China-Indonesia Coated Abrasives Industry Forum was successfully held

On August 28th, the “China-Indonesia Coated Abrasives Industry Forum” jointly organized by the China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association Coated Abrasives Branch and the Indonesian Coated Abrasives Industry Association was held at the Hilton Hotel in Indonesia. Representatives from the Chinese and Indonesian Coated Abrasives Association, representatives of the Chinese Coated Abrasives Branch Expert Committee and representatives of both companies attended the event.


Meichang new material, the new three board listing ringing ceremony was held


On September 10, Yangling Meichang New Materials Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of diamond wire saws, was listed on the National Stock Transfer System (New Third Board). The stock was referred to as Meichang New Material, with the stock code 872859.


The first Guangzhou A&G Exhibition was held


From September 27th to 29th, 2018 China (Guangzhou) International Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was held at Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. Guangzhou Sanmao Exhibition is the first professional grinding technology in South China with the theme of abrasives, abrasive tools, super-hard materials and grinding products, covering the latest technology and products of the abrasive grinding industry, providing grinding solutions. exhibition. Guangzhou Sanmao Exhibition has gathered the largest and largest mainstream abrasives and abrasives enterprises in Guangdong Province and its surrounding areas, filling the gap in the South China region.

Shengquan Group, Scitech, and Zheng Drill were selected as the third batch of manufacturing champions

In October, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the list of the third batch of manufacturing individual champion companies and individual champion products. Among them, Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were selected as the list of single champion demonstration enterprises, and the brown fused alumina of Chongqing Scitech Gangyu Co., Ltd. was selected as the list of individual champion products.


The Sino-US trade war has fully affected the abrasives industry


The Sino-US trade war officially started on July 6. In the first round, the United States imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese products worth $34 billion. On September 24, the US government imposed a 10% tariff on about 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods. The measures came into effect, and almost all of the products of abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard materials and products were listed.

The first group standard of domestic abrasives industry passed the audit

On October 12th, the Tujia Abrasives Branch held a group standard review meeting in Yichuan, Henan Province. The meeting was carefully reviewed and passed the standard of “High-temperature calcined brown corundum for abrasives coated with abrasives”. The first group standard in the domestic abrasives industry is about to be born


Abrasives industry chain high quality development seminar held in Guilin


On October 24th, the high-quality development seminar on the abrasives industry chain held by the Abrasives and Abrasives Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association was held in Guilin. The meeting conducted an in-depth discussion on how to achieve high quality development of upstream and downstream enterprises of abrasives. Topics such as environmental protection, technological innovation, personnel training, intellectual property protection, management improvement, and equipment upgrades have caused extensive discussions among more than 200 delegates.


The 55th anniversary of the birth of Chinese synthetic diamonds was held


On October 24th, the 7th Zhengzhou International Superhard Materials and Products Seminar and the 55th Anniversary of the Birth of Chinese Synthetic Diamonds were held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the birthplace of synthetic diamonds in China. The conference was widely supported by universities and research institutes, research institutes and industry organizations at home and abroad. Nearly 500 representatives attended. In 1963, China's first synthetic diamond was born in Zhengzhou. For more than half a century, China's super-hard materials industry has gone from a difficult start to a full-scale rapid development, and now steadily toward a super-hard material power.

Increased export tax rebate rate for some abrasive products